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Focus on food processing and production of

agricultural and sideline products


Qin Zhen Food Technology Co., Ltd., located in Ji'nan Gaoxin district, was founded in 2003. It is a group company integrating food development and production, agricultural and sideline products production and sales, food chain production and beverage production and other fields.

Health food production advocates

The company has selected high quality ingredients, set up the expert team to develop the scallion chili sauce, adhering to the "no added" food production process, committed to establish a safe and healthy diet ecosystem. Chilli pepper series products have won the praise of consumers since launch

Top ingredients make the ultimate taste
The best ingredients come from nature. The main food materials of onion maker's products come from Zhangqiu green onion base and Shaanxi Qinjiao planting base. Ensure green health and pollution-free from the source.
        High quality origin

Its superior growth environment to create delicious
        Carefully selected

Food materials are processed through many green processes
        Scientific planting

Application of ecological organic fertilizer, artificial collection and preliminary processing
        Fast delivery

processing the best ingredients into a bottle of good sauce
Qin Zhen Congjiang series chili sauce, healthy life is no additives
Qin Zhen Congjiang brand sauce packaging won the "top ten brand agricultural product packaging"

At the time of the third "double ten" selection of brand agricultural products, Jinan agricultural and rural Bureau and Jinan Daily newspaper group launched the "spring family" regional public brand and the third "double ten" brand activity of agricultural products


The success of planting four seasons onion not only increased farmers' income, but also solved the worries for enterprises using Zhangqiu green onion as raw material.


100 professional and technical personnel

The company is 17
years old

800 stores across the country

Over 120,000 customers
Telephone consultation: 9:00-17:30 from Monday to Sunday

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